I am not just your photographer.

I am your bonus bridesmaid, your very own boutonniere connoisseur, hair & makeup toucher upper, dress bustler, family wrangler, the friend that reminds you to drink water and eat a snack, the ultimate  letsgetthistimelinebackontrack wedding professional and your own  personal hype woman.  

The details, the laughs, the tears, the firsts, the way he holds her cheek as he leans in for a kiss, her grandma's hands as she gifts her own heirloom wedding ring, the tear streaming down her dad’s cheek as he sees his girl in a wedding gown for the first time. Details that could otherwise be forgotten, but often times mean the most. This day is about so much more than the flowers and the shoes you chose. It's about celebrating the start of a new family. 

These are the moments that I lean in to.

All the pieces of your wedding day that, put together, tell your story. As your photographer, I want you to not only love your wedding images, my goal is that when you look back 15 years from now, you can still hear the sound of the cheers during your first kiss. You feel the grip your father has on your hand as he walks you down the aisle. Images have such a strong impact on your memories and my goal is to capture your special day as authentically as possible in the most beautiful way.

meet Sara


First and foremost, I'm a mom. In order to truly get to know me, you must first meet the tiny person that gave me my purpose. 
My little love, Daisy Marie. My long awaited IVF rainbow baby that scrunches her nose when she smiles, loves to snuggle, squeal, and is my best friend/entire world.  Along with being a mama, I am also a wife of 7+ years, a real estate agent & a corgi mama. I love interior home designing on a budget, spending my days with my toes in the sand at the pond we live on, eating peanut butter by the spoonful, and clicking *add to cart.*  I am the most laid back perfectionist you'll likely ever meet. I'm a self proclaimed comedian and total goofball. I love to laugh and never take life too seriously.  I knew from a very early age that photography was my calling and I feel so blessed to call this my career. 

about sara